Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Different models of the Peugeot velo pliable

At retropeugeot.com there is a French catalogue, believed to be from 1974.  Under the Nouveau Style section are the following models:

(various accents omitted)

NSA 22.  Routiere luxe, cadre mixte largement, ouvert, de conception nouvelle et originale, en
tubes a section ovale, avec gaines incorporees.  Roues de 550 A, pnues bicolores 1/2 ballon,
moyeux en metal leger, guidon et tige de selle a reglage instantane, garde-boue inoxydables,
porte-bagages AR et bequille chromes.

NSA 40.  Meme modele 3 vitesses.

PNSA 22.  Version pliable de NSA 22.

PNSA 40.  Version pliable du NSA 40.

NSL 22.  Routiere grand luxe, freins a tirage central, garde-boue et pare-chaine inoxydables,
bequille et porte-bagages AV et AR chromes avec serre-paquets sandow.

NSL 40.  Meme modele 5 vitesses.

PNSL 22.  Version pliable du NSL 22.

PNSL 40 Version pliable du NSL 40.


As far as I can see, P= pliable or pliant, ie. folding frame.

A = base model (luxe)

Frame from oval tubes, cables in the frame, 550A size wheels, whitewall tyres, light metal hubs, seat and handlebars instantly adjustable, stainless steel guards, rear luggage rack.

L = luxury (extra luxury), has an extra luggage rack and elastic cords and centre-pull brakes.

For some reason, the 22 changes to 40 if it has gears, the NSA 40 has 3 speeds, NSL 40 has 5 speeds.

I believe all the ones I have seen in Australia have been PNSL 40 variety, a one-speed I saw seemed to have once upon a time been 5 speed, it had the two luggage racks.


There is also a NJ - junior with 500 size wheels, also with L or P varieties.  I believe I have seen one of these in Australia.  NJD is 3 speed, PNJ and PNJD are pliable (folding) versions.

A comment was made below about a FU 22/5:


  1. Hello there.
    I was wondering if you could help me out! I've been following you blog with interest as I recently bought a Pergeout Nouveau folding bike, which looks the same as yours. I live in Australia.

    I'm hoping to restore it; it's in pretty good condition and all parts seem to be original (not tires tho).

    I cannot work out what model I have, and this is after hours of research too. There is a sticker running along the chain stay which says: FU 22/5, but looking through old catalogues which appear to have the entire range, in both american and french format, I cannot find this model!

    Mine has two luggage racks, it is 5 speed.

    Also, do you know anywhere/anyone who has parts for these?

    The back light cover (red plastic part) is smashed and (let me try to explain this part) the little handle cover on the folding joint (that you use to tighten/loosen/open up lock) is quite worn away. On your bike it appears to be black and hard plastic. On mine it is white and a softer material (hence worn away).

    I also have no idea how to use the gears. I managed to set in on a comfortable gear but chose not to play around any further!

    Sorry to blast you with questions, but no one else seems to be as interested in these bikes as you are!

    Heres the ebay link:

  2. It looks just the same as mine, perhaps FU stands for Fold-Up, 22/5 being 22 inch wheels, 5 speed. I have not seen that before. I have heard people say "F You" meaning something else. Mine also had the rear light broken. What brand tyres are they? What does the sticker say, just below the seat pole?