Monday, February 7, 2011

Trip to Yirrkala

Breaking new ground for 550A wheels, Saturday 5 Feb the NS22 carried me from Nhulunbuy to Yirrkala, around the town a while, then to Shady Beach, then back to Nhulunbuy via Rainbow Cliffs, 57km according to the computer.  Trip was between 1:30pm and 6:30pm, a little before dusk.  The day was overcast, it did not seem unbearably hot.

The NS22 is a complete beast and is proving itself to be very versatile.  I removed the stand before I left, the nut kept coming loose.

I would say there is a very good chance no other NS22 has travelled this route.  Some dream of being the first to conquer mountains etc., I am going places no NS22 has ever been.

These are not in any sensible order:

Banana plantation near Shady Beach.

Shady Beach.

Shady Beach.

Road to Shady Beach.

Road to Rainbow Cliffs.

Road to Rainbow Cliffs

West of Yirrkala, the road goes over part of a bauxite mine.

On the road to Rainbow Cliffs, the drink bottles came loose.

Rainbow Cliffs.  Two mountain bikes were there when I arrived, they left before me, but the NS22 caught up with them in no time and never saw them again.

Rainbow Cliffs.

Road to Rainbow Cliffs.

Leaving Yirrkala.

Yirrkala Community School.

Traditional aboriginal residence.  This is outside the Yirrkala art gallery:

These boys knew a good thing when they saw it, one helped himself to a drink, another wanted to either borrow or keep the pump.  English was not their first language, they were very talkative among themselves but not fluent with me.  They had lesser bikes themselves, they had plenty of air in the tyres, I would have helped them out, but they were greatly impressed with my pump, water bottles and also by the light at the front.  I made a quick getaway and ate in peace elsewhere, these four were upon me about a minute after I stopped at the war memorial for a snack.

On the way to Yirrkala.

Returning to Nhulunbuy.

On road to Rainbow Cliffs.

Tied the bottles down better for the trip out from Rainbow Beach.  One end is a clove-hitch, the other a clove-hitch with a loop to pull and undo it easily.

Departing Nhulunbuy.  Food in the container.

Departing Nhulunbuy.

Nhulunbuy visible from Rainbow Beach.