Monday, October 17, 2011

Pinnacle near Tennant Creek

Perhaps six weeks ago I went out to a spot marked "Pinnacle" on a 1991 1:50000 McDouall Range topographic survey map.  grid refernce is MU037316.

I like this bike, with the warm climate here I don't think the high speed aerodynamics of a crouched-over seating position are such a big deal.  It can carry a pump and a 2.4 litre water bottle, it is tied down with a length of old tyre tube.

Tennant Creek township is about 12km ESE, not visible.

a trip in Central Australia.

I spent the first week of this month with my two kids, they flew into Alice Springs.  I drove my Volvo 240 down there and we stayed one night in Alice Springs, two at Kings Canyon, three at Uluru (Ayers Rock) and another night at Alice Springs.

After I said goodbye I stopped and saw this lizard on the road, maybe it was 15" long:

Then stayed the night at Ormiston Gorge:

I bought the Volvo (made Oct 92) in Sydney in May, it's been good so far.  I drove it to Melbourne, then Adelaide, Tennant Creek - Uluru - Tennant Creek.

Another lizard outside my front door at Tennant Creek:

This one I saw with my kids at the Alice Springs Reptile Centre, maybe 8" long: