Sunday, June 26, 2011

This bike will go again...

Some forks from a 2001 mountain bike (26" wheels) are now fitted.  The original Peugeot forks are slightly narrower, the chrome lock nuts, brake cable holder and quick-release clamp do not quite fit over the new forks.  Maybe the new one is 1" = 25.4mm, the Peugeot 25mm?  There is not much in it, I think some filing could help things along.  I don't think enough of the new forks hangs out at the top to allow the quick-release clamp to be fitted anyway.  The bearings did not quite co-operate either, I used the new ones at the bottom, the old ones at the top.  Let's wait and see how it goes.  The new forks are about 2", 50mm longer than the old ones.  A mountain bike wheel has a rim diameter of 559mm, vs 490mm for the original 550A wheel. (559-490)/2 = 34.5mm greater radius.  So the front of the bike should be lifted about 85mm.

I'm thinking to move the seat clamp to the front of the pole, to move the seat forward if it is too far back with the new wheel.

I might try removing the chrome bearing housings and using the ones from the mountain bike (at another address right now).  I will measure the head tubes to see if there is any chance of them being the same, but I guess it's unlikely that this would work.  It is possible the chrome thing at the bottom may deform.  I think I'll just give it a go and see what happens.

Friday, June 24, 2011

front wheel ideas

Following my disaster, I feel I must repair the bike....

I'm wondering about using some forks from a 26" wheel mountain bike and the stem above.  I'm not even sure they will be compatible with the head set, maybe it has some peculiar French size.

My idea is to lift the handlebars up and forward.  I'll see what happens....

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

weights of wheels, tyres and tubes

Pulling apart the front wheel, I thought it might be an idea to weigh the parts:

The front 550A wheel (no tyre or tube) is 950g.

The Michelin 550A tyre, after about 1000km of use, is 490g

The Presta valve 550A tube is 140g  (no patches).


Completely off the topic:

In the mood for tyre changing, I also changed two on my Raleigh Boulevard Tourist.

The rear wheel, 26x1&3/8" with 3-speed Sturmey Archer hub:  2390g

New (DELI TIRE, made in Indonesia) whitewall tyre:  720g  (inflate 50psi min, 70psi max).

New Tioga tube:  170g

ie.  rear wheel, tyre and tube = 3280g

The rim of the rear wheel is made in England and is a tighter fit on the tyre than the front rim which is made in Japan.

Front wheel, with new Deli Tire, Dynohub (6  63 date stamp), and tube:  3080g

Interestingly, one of the old tyres, Cheng Shin was 570g, ie. 150g lighter than the new one.

The old Cheng Shin tyre says:


The other old tyre (NORIES NO.1) is 790g, ie. 70g heavier than the new one, and has a faint red pin stripe, I guess it is probably the original that came with the bike.

On the sidewall it says:


Given the weight of these wheels, the Raleigh frame must be on the lighter side.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Crashing with a car

At 8:40am June 1, 2011, I was heading north through a roundabout, a car heading east failed to give way.

Odometer says 918.2km.

Photos taken 2 June:

The bend in the wheel is right where it met the bumper.  I have a souvenir red graze and bruise on my right inner thigh, I assume from where it met the handlebar.  I have heard it is good to not overtighten the head-stem, so it can move in times like this.

Note the bent forks.  The frame seems OK.

Both handbrake levers came apart also.

The tyre still holds air.

From this angle it looks like a Mobius Strip

The front wheel of the bike met the driver's side of the front bumber.  My direction changed abruptly from north-bound to heading east.  As I travelled through the air I thought of my helmet being on to protect my head.  In the end my head did not hit the ground.  I guess I caught myself with my right hand, my wrist feels a little sore, I have a cut on my right middle finger.  I think my right inner thigh met up with the end of the handlebar, I have a red spot the same size and a surrounding bruise.  The bike ended up near the car and myself a few metres forward, as I remember.  I have a few other aches and pains, but completed a day at work (crash only abut 500m from work) and then walked home, got car, went back for bike.

The driver stopped and apologised for her carelessness, gave me her contact details.

The front wheel looks like one of Salvador Dali's clockfaces.

 The forks and brake levers are also bent, the rest seems OK.  I will get some photos soon.

I think I will request another NS22 plus $100, or a cash sum.