Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tennant Creek

I am once again in the Northern Territory, this time without my NS22.  I did not have time to repair it prior to coming here.

Today I met a man on a bike:

I would have been more impressed if he was using an old bike, but each to his own.

In Tennant Creek I have a 1992 Diamondback mountain bike that I bought new.  Recently I replaced the wheels/tyres, chain, brakes, stem/handlebars/gearshifters/brake levers with parts from a 2001 Apollo mountain bike.

...Photos coming soon...

In less than 100km I had three punctures from thorns that are around here.  I have bought and fitted a pair of thorn-resistant tubes, but have not yet reached a verdict on their effectiveness.

Entirely OT, but I met a teacher of English who uses the word "brang" as the past tense of bring.