Sunday, September 22, 2013

other owners

A seller on has been ordered to downsize his bicycle collection, he had four NS22 bikes. I notice two have had the gear lever replaced. The lever broke on my NS22. None appear to have the pump present.

The owner of this Bernardo bike wrote to me a while ago:

"The story is this:  We bought "Bernardo" a couple of years ago in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.  We figured that a folding bike would be just the thing to throw into the van as we were preparing a Canada-Argentina PanAmerican voyage.

We spent a long time on Bernardo.  He was used by an  aboriginal man as his prime transport to get to  the bar (and then folded up for the taxi ride home).  Bernardo thus had had a tough time and was not well treated.  We got Bernardo for $50CAD.

We stripped him down to the bare frame and I then polished every nut and bolt, rim, spoke, chrome....I replaced all the cables - brakes and gear, replace the bungees on the front and rear rack, replaced the seat, hand grips (now color coded) and added a colorful bell.  We stripped the frame of paint and my wife went to work on her color scheme.

What we were missing was the rear fender (lost in time I suppose) and I removed the generator and the front light (rear missing as well).  Ultimately when we were ready to leave for our PanAm trip...we could NOT find tires in North America.

Two years later and we are finished our trip.  I packed Bernardo into a suitcase and we brought him back to France (my wife is Parisian, I am Canadian).  Last week we got the tires and the tubes, I tweaked a few things and now Bernardo is rolling.

Would have been much cheaper to buy a NEW folding bike for all the time and parts..."

I told him the seat clamp should be behind the post, to move the seat further back.


  1. Such a nice little family! I've only seen a handful in person, almost never at the same time!

  2. I haven't visited your blog since google reader was dropped. I hope you post something again soon.