Thursday, April 11, 2013

The NS22's little sister

It's been a while...

I left the NS22 in Tennant Creek, now I am back in Melbourne.

I bought the little brother/sister. In French un velo is masculine, une bicyclette is feminine. This has 450A rims (390 mm, 20" BMX rims are 406mm). The wheel base is 825mm, cranks are 130mm, it weighs about 10.5kg. It was $20 on ebay and close to home, it just seemed too good to refuse.

The rims are RIGIDA, I can't see any date on anything anywhere. One tube has a presta valve, the other is a Woods/Dunlop. The tyre treads don't have a lot of wear, but are badly perished.

I put the seat pole up as high as possible, maybe 30mm is in the seat tube.

The nuts/bolts that connect the carrier rack to the seat stays are missing. The bell is missing the thumb thingy, it has broken, it looks like it was plastic. The seat is moulded plastic, one piece.

I notice the bolts on the rear wheel stick out a mile, a good hazard for kids to bang their legs on.


  1. I finally found your blog! - I wonder if you can see my info?

  2. Yes, I don't use google circles myself. My email:

    1. Hello from Canada
      I bought a folding NS a couple of years ago and rehabilitated it. Looks great in its new colors and new tires.

      One problem however is I cannot seem to remember how to re install the rear U brake and cable. Do you have a photo of the underside of the rear brake that you might send to me?