Saturday, May 5, 2012

NS600 with 600A wheels

On I see this, asking 140 euros:

Sheldon Brown's site says 24 x 1&3/8 used on wheelchairs is 540mm,
"French 600A is actually 541 mm, close enough".

I notice the frame (just behind the head) has a hole or lug to take a cable, I guess some of these had gears. I assume the rear brake cable is in through the other side. Yes indeed, it is a tres beau velo, solide...

Vélo Peugeot NS600 motobécane 1970 pneu neuf non pliant

Bonjour, voici ce vélo mini vélo vintage PEUGEOT NS600 pour adulte, avec panier, (grande roues de 600a) en très bon état. Pneu NEUF Michelin. Livraison possible Paris . Très beau vélo solide.


  1. This is quite an interesting blog. I've come across several of these bikes at the tip in Darwin. None in good enough condition for me to attempt a re-build but I'll keep looking.

  2. Does the Darwin tip set old bikes and other things aside to allow people to get parts or whole bikes?

  3. When you rebuild these bikes, where do you get your tires? Do you have to use the French pneu laval, or can you use tires from anywhere?

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  5. I bought a pair of 450A through from Bike-Bazar

    These are the only ones I have bought.

    They arrived promptly and were everything they were said to be. Vee-rubber, made in Thailand. There are Michelins available, elsewhere on, if not from bike-bazar, at least in 550A.