Tuesday, March 1, 2011

30kg carried 6km on front rack

On Sunday I went out to see what delights could be found at the local tip.

I skipped the bin for fish and cane toad refuse.  I found a pile of scaffold clamps and old welding rods, they seemed too good to leave behind, also seemed a good trial of the load carrying abilities of this machine.

It was about 6km each way, 16mins to get there, 20 coming home.  The crate was certainly well loaded and has bent with a few minor cracks at the base.  I was slightly afraid the steel rack might collapse, but it has no signs of distress.  I weighed all this junk and it, together with 1.5 litres of water, was at least 30kg, maybe 32.  I would not recommend this, it could get a bit of a wobble on the steering.  I was careful to avoid large bumps.  I would think 10 or 15kg is fair enough for general use on the front rack.

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